Welcome to my new news pages.  Some technical gremlins meant that I couldn’t bring my old posts with me so at this time I’m starting afresh. 

Along with my continued work schedule I am attending the MA Documentary Photography & Photojournalism course at University of Westminster and along with my regular musings I will be posting images from some of my assignments over the next two years.

  • Windswept

    Finally the sun has come out to play on the French Riviera.  Beautiful blue skies are accompanied by gusts of wind that suggest an impending storm…but the dry weather held out.  Visitors to Cannes are not deterred and are even brave enough venture into the sea despite its very strong current but not quite brave enough to sun themselves on the deckchairs.    

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  • The Best Laid (Travel) Plans – Festival Time

    Preparing for Cannes is usually a straight forward affair but this year the universe has been laying out a few banana skins along the way.  A last minute change in accommodation and a hiccup in travel insurance saw a slight spike in blood pressure yet I like to look for life’s silver linings. The new apartment is a shorter walk to the Palais and the day before my departure saw Royal Mail’s delivery service at its best with a box addressed to me.  Inside was an X-Pro 2 and two beautiful lenses 23mm f1.4 and 56mm APD f1.2.  No need to ask how happy I was. It’s Eurostar and TGV all the […]

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  • Mash Up On The Croisette

    There’s always so much to see in Cannes.  I don’t think it’s possible to run out of photographic material.  This year I have a few themes in mind starting with a series of mashups technically known as multiple exposures.  Shooting some of these at twilight has made them take on a slightly eerie feel.  Then of course there is the shopping. So much glitter and gold which of course only really works in the crisp clean sunlight.    Edited with BlogPad Pro

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  • A Star on the Rise

    The first series of the BBC’s Poldark has just ended and it has been a resounding success with over 6 million viewers each week.  Of course all eyes were on the titled hero but it wasn’t long before people were starting to notice Eleanor Tomlinson who plays Demelza Poldark.  She was selected as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow 2014 just before filming began for the series.  A second has now been commissioned.

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  • Mixing It Up

    I was working in the City yesterday. St Paul’s to be exact. A quiet, air conditioned corporate job. Unexpected sunshine for lunchtime saw warm temperatures (25c) blue skies and crowded streets.  The strong shadows thrown by the midday sun can be really inspiring and a great incentive to get out and shoot.  I decided to experiment with the multiple exposure setting on the Fujifilm x-e1 and compose the images in camera. It’s a slow process and rightly so as it was important to spend time looking and predicting how the finished will look. There were several people, mostly young, wearing these placards in front of the steps of St Paul’s Church.  Only a […]

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  • Not a Sprout in Sight

      After some thought I rather enjoyed Brussels.  For sure I would go again.  I had no major expectations which is probably the best way to travel.  No disappointments and a mindset that accepts what the trip will bring.  It was a very short three day visit in which I walked…a lot, even in the pouring rain.  I was keen to do the touristy things of museums but also wanted to wander the streets and absorb.  I’ve also decided I didn’t eat enough!  There was no shortage or wonderful looking food to try and that was just the speciality shops selling chocolate, waffles, biscuits and cakes.  I already have a favourite cafe […]

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