Mixing It Up

I was working in the City yesterday. St Paul’s to be exact. A quiet, air conditioned corporate job. Unexpected sunshine for lunchtime saw warm temperatures (25c) blue skies and crowded streets.  The strong shadows thrown by the midday sun can be really inspiring and a great incentive to get out and shoot. 

I decided to experiment with the multiple exposure setting on the Fujifilm x-e1 and compose the images in camera. It’s a slow process and rightly so as it was important to spend time looking and predicting how the finished will look. There were several people, mostly young, wearing these placards in front of the steps of St Paul’s Church.  Only a lack of time prevented me from enquiring further. 

In such a densely populated area and commonly truncated lunchtime people are only willing to engage with friends and colleagues.  So when using a retro looking camera this can mean being mostly ignored or taken for a tourist but occasionally someone will have a sense that there is something going on behind them.  This was the case with the woman on the phone who after a minute or so decided to start walkin back to work. 

Of course it’s possible to compose each image independently and merge them in the post production but where’s the fun in that?!


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